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8 Seconds with Ross Dowling...

Ross Dowling is well known in NZ for his competing in Rodeo, here is 8 seconds with Ross...

Nickname: Rozzy D

Which section do you compete in?Bareback saddle bronc and occasionally I convert to the dark side and team rope when headers are desperate.

How long have you been competing? Since I could hold onto a sheep......... for mutton busting that is

Why Rodeo?I enjoy the adventure of seeing the world with my best friends and family while at the same time competing against them. Meeting, competing against and traveling around NZ (and the world) with like minded people from all walks of life who also love animals, and have the patience and work ethic to support their passion and drive for success. I thinks that's really special about our sport.

Love of your life: My room-mate (My dog).

Person you look up to most?Brian Bain (PRCA Bareback rider, 2x NFR who has overcome adversity in his life to achieve his goals).

If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be?My Grandfather.

Favourite quote:"Hole or hole or pole to pole... but never pole to hole or hole to pole"

Best piece of advice you have received:"There's no point kicking a dead dog".

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