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8 Seconds with Lynne McCall...

Lynne is pretty much a legend! she is well known for not only competing in Rodeo, but also organising the central barrel racing series. here is 8 seconds with lynne...

Which division do you compete in?

Open Barrels and in past Open Team Roping

How long have you been competing?

ohh 25+ years...

Why Rodeo?

The challenge it gives you, and loads of great people.

Love of your life:

My husband and of course my horses.

Person you look up to most?

My Dad

Greatest Rodeo moment?

They have all been GREAT!

Favourite TV SERIES ATM:

Vikings and game of thrones

What else do you do?

Central Barrel Racing Series

Can't Live without:

My boots

Best piece of advice you would give someone:

Don't try and fix things that are not broke

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